21. Gai Phad Med Ma-Muang                          $ 16.50 


Chicken and house roasted cashews sauteed with onions, baby corn, snap peas, carrots, celery and peppers.


22. Gai Phad Bai Graprow                       $ 15.50


Tender chicken, Thai basil and chilies sauteed with onions and peppers.





23. Gai Phad Khing $ 15.50


Gingered chicken sauteed with black mushrooms, onion, peppers, celery and broccoli.





24. Gai Yang                    $ 16.00


Slow roasted B.B.Q. chicken crusted with a blend of Thai spices. Served with house B.B.Q. sauce.




25. Pra Ram Long Song - Gai                                              $ 15.50


Sliced chicken sauteed with fresh vegetables, served with house peanut sauce on the side.

26. Gai Phad Normai

                                                        $ 15.50


Sliced chicken sauteed with bamboo shoots, peppers, snap peas, Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves, spiced with Thai red curry